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The easiest way is to use the DBCC SHRINKDATABASE transact-sql method to shrink just the data file alone. The next method is to use the DBCC SHRINKFILE transact-sql. Another way is to use the Shrink File GUI in SSMS. I’ll go through these methods one by one. Before shrinking the data file, be aware of the best practice and follow them. SQL SERVER – Shrinking NDF and MDF Files – Readers’ Opinion; Now that there is enough disclaimers about Shrinking, let us see how we can shrink the tempDB without restarting it. USE TEMPDB GO DBCC SHRINKFILE tempdev, '100' GO DBCC SHRINKFILE templog, '100' GO The reason, I use Shrinkfile instead of Shrinkdatabase is very simple. Simply answer: DBCC SHRINKFILE'DB filename', 10240 OR for MDF file. DBCC SHRINKFILE1, 10240 But if you have more than 10240 Mb of data in MDF file - it woun't help, then you have to add extra file to DB - where to move extra data from MDF file. I've also tried shrinking in small chunks using a PowerShell script that shrinks in 20MB increments. That also doesn't change the size of the MDF file. I've tried dbcc shrinkfileMy_Data without any other options from SQL Management Studio. It runs for a long time, finishes, and the MDF.

10/12/2007 · 2 Use DBCC SHRINKFILE with EMPTYFILE on the mdf. This will spread the data across all of the ndfs. 3 Take the database offline. Bring it immediately back online again. This action seems to take off the 'lock' that EMPTYFILE puts on the mdf file that was emptied. 4 Use DBCC SHRINKFILE with EMPTYFILE on your swap ndf file. 20/07/2016 · Scenario 2 - DBCC SHRINKFILE with TRUNCATEONLY to the last allocated extent which does not cause index fragmentation. As a continuation of this learning exercise from Scenario 1, Table2 is truncated and we will shrink the database data file to its minimum size. alter database 数据库名称 set recovery simple go dbcc shrinkfile'数据库日志文件逻辑名称',0,truncateonly go alter database 数据库名称 set recovery full go. 数据库日志文件逻辑名称查看. 数据库名称上右击属性->文件,没有做过修改的正常都是: 数据库名称_log. I have run DBCC SHRINKFILE1,NOTRUNCATE, then DBCC SHRINKFILE1,TRUNCATEONLY. I also looked around the forums here and found a script that is supposed to shrink the database in small increments. I have also tried shrinking the database from the SSMS shrinkfile and shrinkdatabase tasks. I have tried DBCC SHRINKFILEdbfilename,110000. If they are part of the same filegroup use the DBCC SHRINKFILE statement with the EMPTYFILE switch to tell SQL Server to move all the data from the NDF to the MDF. Then you can drop the NDF. Depending on how much data there is to move this could take hours. or. It is not always advisable to shrink those file as those files are usually growing.

SQL Server の データベースの圧縮とファイルの圧縮の違いと、それぞれのメリットデメリットを教えて頂けないでしょうか。---SQL Server の mdf ファイルについてレコードを大量に削除した にも関わらず、ファイルサイズが. MSDEの頃と同様にDBCCを使う。 これは、SQLserver Management Studio上のクエリやCommon SQL Environment上でも実行可能。 DBCC SHRINKFILE論理名 「論理名」は以下のようにして調べられる。 USE データベース名 SELECT FROM sys.d.

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